Tired of People Vandalizing Your Wikipedia Page or Adding Content that Simply isn’t True?

As an experienced team at WikiEditorsForHire, our Wikipedia editors know what content is allowed and also what content is NOT allowed to be placed in Wikipedia articles. We can monitor your Wikipedia page 24/7 and provide notification to you within 24 hours of any change taking place on the page.

Why do you need Wikipedia monitoring?

You have better things to do than worry about who is adding information to your Wikipedia page. Sleep better at night knowing that we monitor your page for vandalism and will also update your page with any new information that comes along. The thing of us like your knight in shining armor who takes care of Wikipedia trolls.

What is included with Wikipedia monitoring and maintenance?

By hiring us to monitor and update your page, you will receive an email notification from within 24 hours of any material change that takes place on your page. You will also receive unlimited updates to your page during the monitoring period.

Any new information that you want to be added to the page (information that has taken place since the creation of your page – not addition of older content), simply email me and we will get it taken care of. Keep in mind that the addition, removal, or rewriting of content must adhere to Wikipedia guidelines.

In the event your page is recommended for deletion, our editor will fight to keep the page.

  • Notification to you within 24 hours of any material change to the page.
  • The addition of new content that is published any time during the monitoring period.
  • Fighting for a page if recommended for deletion.
  • Removal or re-wording of content that is negative in nature and added by another user within the monitoring period (subject to Wikipedia guidelines).

What does it cost for Wikipedia page monitoring?

Articles prone to vandalism or higher than normal changes will cost more. Simply contact us for an accurate quote.

Request a free estimate

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